So how did they manage to convince you to come to Canada for the Black Library Expo?

It was very difficult. I was asked, and shown some pictures of where we would be. Very difficult.

How did you get into writing for Back Library?

I worked in the GW design studio when Black Library was started. Sitting just a couple of desks away from the man commissioning for Inferno! magazine meant I was able to get in on the ground floor and I haven't looked back.

How did it feel to see your work in print for the first time?

Fantastic. I still get a thrill when I get a sample of a novel, short story or audio these days. I suppose the big one was when 13th Legion was published, but it's still exciting to see a book with my name on the front when I go into bookshops.

What are you working on now?

Secret stuff for the Horus Heresy right now (though maybe it won't be secret by the time of the Expo...). I have just completed Ravenwing, the first book in a new Dark Angels trilogy, and I'm lining up a dwarfs-related warhammer project too.

Who is your favourite character from your own works? What about from the rest of the Warhammer and 40k universes?

Really hard to choose one. I have a soft spot for that ol' psychopath, Kage, but I had immense fun writing Malekith and Morathi for The Sundering. As for elsewhere, I really like Sanguinius' story in the Horus Heresy, a classical heroic tragedy.

If you had to choose a Primarch to be the best man at your wedding, who would you pick and why?

Lorgar. He's the best orator of them all, you know that would be a speech to remember!

The chaos gods decide to sit down and play poker. Who leaves broke, who wins the pot, and who had six aces hidden up his sleeve the whole time?

Khorne would lose, 'cos you know he can't have a very good poker face. Nurgle would probably win, because he plays the long game better than anybody else. Tzeentch would have the hidden aces, because quite frankly he could conjure them up easily enough but the victory is in the endless game not the winning.

Thank you Gav for taking the time to talk to us. If you'd like the opportunity to meet him you can purchase event tickets here